Cirrhosis of the liver, diet tips?

Wendy: My husband has cirrhosis of the liver, any diet tips? Thanks again for your informative monthly eNewsletter. Our whole office enjoys reading it and sharing the information. Samantha Clarkson, San Francisco, CA. Apples= an apple a day helps keep the Dr. away because they are packed with pectin. Bananas = Eat foods high in … Continue reading Cirrhosis of the liver, diet tips?


Fermented Foods / Algae / Sea Vegetables (PAGE #307) Japanese, Chinese, and German cultures consider this a staple and one of the most important foods in their diets. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles can be enjoyed as a source of friendly lactobacilli bacteria which will help aid in digestion. Known to help the growth of healthy … Continue reading NATURAL PROBIOTICS=KIMCHI