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Wendy Cottiers is a travel writer specializing in the Italian travel market since 2006. Her most memorable highlight of 2018 was celebrating Christmas Eve at the Vatican. She was invited to le Pergola’s three Michelin star restaurant at Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria in Rome. A superb restaurant suspended above the Eternal City in the magnificent setting of a panoramic roof garden. At Michelin starred AROMA at Palazzo Manfredi, it was aperitivo time while sitting on the outdoor terrace offering an unparalleled Colosseum view. While visiting Viareggio her travel group dined at Ristorante Lorenzo in Forte dei Marmi, another Michelin restaurant where she was educated on cooking risotto to perfection. Ristorante Romano Viareggio another Michelin starred restaurant where she enjoyed local Viareggian Seafood soup with “Farro” (typical Tuscan grain, spelt), fish and fresh vegetables a true classic which is included in her cooking classes she offers still today. Farro is a high-fiber food, low -glycemic making it a staple in any kitchen. 

As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Plant-Based Nutrition Educator through eCornell, Certified Raw Foods Chef through the Alissa Cohen program, Wendy believes that we can all achieve a healthy lifestyle. She has taken several International Dietary Culinary courses in many countries including France, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, and Germany, as well as attended many cooking classes in the U.S. She has found that many people overlook cooking classes while traveling, and in her opinion they are missing out on one of the best experiences one can have when visiting a new country. Her writing style varies but she really engages the reader on a majority of topics including fitness, health and travel. Wendy continues to share her travel experiences about the culture with her clients and readers. 

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