Holistic Pets

As a Holistic Nutritionist you could have only imagined my sadness when I was told my cat had diabetes. The thought of 12 hour insulin shots was not something I would agree with, without more research. I inquired about oral insulin and was advised against that, without any reason as to why. Although I immediately rejected the idea of insulin, please understand it was not for selfish reasons. I told the vet I wanted to try a holistic approach, as she laughed at me stating that she doesn’t think I can treat it through food. I said watch me!! Neither of us won the debate. It was just that I knew I wanted to try a holistic approach with my little buddy, the same way I would with my own children. After monitoring Benji’s levels with an AlphaTrak 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit I noticed it was reliable technology to ensure that the results were clinically precise and that yes indeed is levels were high.

I have been using a few holistic solutions to decrease and potentially stop my cat Benji from needing daily injections of insulin. One vet said that I have been keeping a cat with diabetes alive through diet. My reply was that insulin is what keeps a cat with diabetes alive. Regardless, the cat on insulin is still a cat with diabetes. People live everyday with a medical diagnosis and may decide to choose the holistic route. Many use alternative methods to treat the disease. It just depends on your modalities of treating the symptoms.

Healing Modalities: Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Massage, Essential Oils and Nutriceuticals 

The veterinarian recommended Prescription Hills M/D which I agreed to, although I wanted to feed him a raw diet. I bought a few whole hormone free chickens and tried my way, but soon gave up as I felt as if he was missing the dry food. I also started to give him Wild Fish Oil, L-Lysine, and Probiotic Digestive Enzymes daily. Fresh filtered water from a BPA-free fountain. My secret weapon continues to be adding Blood Sugar GOLD to his wet food. During COVID his prescription food was out-of-stock. I thought was there a recent increase in cats with diabetes? A year later M/D is still not stocked on pet shelves or available on CHEWY.COM Benji has been on Royal Canin Glycobalance wet/dry food. I still continue the vitamin regimen, and add Blood Sugar GOLD to his wet food. He is not my diabetic experiment, I just truly want the best holistic life for my little fuzz ball. I have been researching the ingredients in oral insulin.

Benji’s Regimen:

Nettle Leaf Tea I put about a quarter in his water bowl daily. He just loves it.

PET WELLBEING – BLOOD SUGAR GOLD helps support normal blood sugar in cats and dogs. It contains Burdock root, Fenugreek, Dandelion, Devil’s club root bark, Bilberry fruit all things I would take myself.

L-Lysine supports collagen production, healthy tissue and immune system function in cats. Bonus is that it is wheat free. I don’t love that this product contains soy lecithin something I myself try to avoid but it is the best chewable that I can find on the market.

Digestive Enzymes aid in absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, provides energy due to better utilization of nutrients.

  • *Chromium supplement makes cells more receptive to taking up blood glucose (sugar)
  • *Vitamin C and E are great as diabetes effects the other cells in the body, damaging tissue and organ cells. *Fish oil is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil may increase insulin sensitivity.

Check back next month to see how Benji is living his best holistic life!

Seek out a Veterinarian that is an advocate for alternative, natural solutions for dog and cat health!

As always consult with your veterinary to discuss what is best for your pet.

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