Curious about a plant-based lifestyle and it’s myriad of health benefits? Author, Holistic Nutritionist, and Natural Foods Chef Wendy also has a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through eCornell and T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She earned 1.8 CEU credits as a 2016 student in this course and continues to promote optimal nutrition counseling through science-based education, she continues to share her knowledge with her clients in this fun 4-week online course.

Register today, to cook side-by-side virtually four hours April. Once you register a grocery shopping list will be sent to your inbox. Join us for our new online Plant-Based Program. In just a few weeks you will have reached your goals. Take stock of your future and get control over chronic conditions, boosting your immunity and health outlook. It is super easy to incorporate plant-based and sea vegetables into your current meal prep.

Contact Wendy (954) 873-7388 and or email to register today!

WHEN: Every Thursday in the month of April April 8- April 15 – April 22 – April 29 TIME: 7-8pm WHERE: ONLINE

Learn how to make Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake, Turnip Raw’violis, Vegan Parmesan and Cashew Cheese, Crispy Tofu Nuggets, Chocolate Avocado Banana Bread, Chia Crusted Pizza + many more healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy!

Wendy is not Vegan, she is pescatarian, and stopped eating red meat at age 12 when her family went vegetarian, thirty years later and she still practices a healthy regimen of plant-based, vegan, and salmon a few times a week. She mainly enjoys 80/20, thats 80 raw and 20% cooked foods. She has been living a healthy lifestyle and helping others discover their best selves since 2006, and would love to show you how you can do it too.

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