21-Day Healthy Living Program Lose Weight + Keep It Off

Positive Nutrition offers one on one, family, and group online/virtual coaching. Wendy is the Founder of Positive Nutrition. She is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef, Plant Based Nutrition Educator, Author of Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle.

Wendy lives in South Florida and specializes in Endocrine Disorders. Her clients seek her services for Weight Loss, Body Detox, Covid-19 Meal Planning, Chronic Fatigue, and Hormone Imbalance. Our unique packages range from a 12 week Nutrition Tune-Up to 24 weeks of support, accountability, and follow-up sessions to monitor progress. We work closely with endocrinologists in the area, and we recognize the importance in long-term weight management. 

Positive Nutrition hosts monthly webinars, group workshops, and cooking events throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us at (954) 873-7388 to be added to our newsletter. Visit our BLOG at www.wendycottiers.com for healthy recipes and a list of all upcoming events. 

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