How to avoid genetically engineered (GE) foods?



Coca Cola corn syrup and or Aspartame)

NutraSweet (Aspartame)

Nestlé’s Chocolates (soy)

Fritos (corn)

Karo Corn Syrup (corn)

McDonald’s French Fries (potatoes)

Green Giant Harvest Burgers (soy)

Land o’Lakes Butter (BGH)

Similac Infant Formula (soy)    PS I grew up on this as I was allergic to Dairy and the Physician advised my mother to give me Similac because it is dairy free!

Kraft Salad Dressings (canola oil) 

Cabot Creamery Butter (BGH) 

Fleishmann’s Margarine (soy) 

As a small child I grew up on Similac because I was allergic to Dairy. The Physician advised my mother to give me Similac because it is dairy free. He forgot to mention that it may cause negative side effects in my growing body. I was also diagnosed as being allergic to cigarettes, mold, grass, etc. To date I avoid all dairy products. Occasionally if I slip and eat any dairy product, I immediately sniffle and cough. This is one sign that you may need to avoid this completely, as it is your body’s way of letting you know it is not agreeing with you.

CANOLA OIL: Genetically engineered and DNA-altered with California bay turnip and bacteria and various viruses in order to produce high quantities of lauric acid.

CORN: Genetically engineeredto tolerate high quantities of the chemical pesticide glufosinate, and genetically engineered with a virus and the DNA of the bacteria bacillus thuringiensis.

COTTON SEED OIL: Genetically-engineered and DNA-altered with Arabidopsis bacteria and viruses to be able to withstand large applications of chemical pesticide known as bromoxynil. Bromoxynil causes birth defects in human beings. 

PAPAYA: Many have been genetically engineered.

POTATOES: Genetically engineered with wax moth insect DNA; genetically engineered to produce its own pesticide internally with the DNA of bacillus thuringiensis bacteria. In November 2014, the USDA approved commercial planting of a bruising-resistant potato.

SOY: Genetically engineered and DNA-altered by Monsanto with bacteria; capable of tolerating heavy doses of Monsanto’s Roundup brand chemical pesticide (glyphosate).

TOMATOES: Genetically engineered with bacteria-derived kanamycin resistance genes, Antisense backwards DNA, antibiotic marker genes, viruses, and DNA of flounder and North Atlantic shellfish. This and the following genetically engineered foods have antibiotic marker genes used to facilitate the genetic engineering process. They can cause allergies and autoimmune disease.

YELLOW CROOK NECK SQUASH: Gene-spliced with two experimental viruses and arbitrary marker genes, capable of causing unpredictable and unexpected effects. 

Since 1997, the above products have been genetically engineered and on the market as a % of the total conventional food supply in America. Also, the same goes with Canadian imports of genetically engineered foods on the market in our local grocery stores. As a safety precaution, the above items should only be consumed in organic form. Even if you grow your own food, sew with only organic non-GMO seeds. This list continues to grow, please visit to keep your family up with the latest developments. 

On another note, please try to avoid eating out at restaurants. Unless the establishment makes it clear in writing that they are committed to using only non-genetically engineered foods and products. This is tough to do in the beginning but once you avoid these types of harmful foods you will soon notice a change in taste buds when you eat out not to mention the ill feeling in the form of inflammation and or bloating. No point in eating organic at home and then digesting these toxins at a restaurant. 

Aspartame should be avoided. Aspartame is the name of the brand names, Equal-Measure, Spoonful, and NutraSweet. It is found in pharmaceuticals and supplements, breath mints, sugar-free chewing gum, laxatives, tea beverages, instant teas,“diet” products, coffees, topping mixes, wine coolers, yogurt, children’s vitamins, shake mixes, soft drinks, tabletop sweeteners, frozen desserts, gelatin desserts, cocoa mixes, juice beverages, multi-vitamins, and milk drinks. Artificial sweeteners will not only NOT help you to lose weight; they can actually make you fat! I will have more on this on my Positive Nutrition blog. 

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