Protein Shakes…& the Dilemma to Whey or not to Whey?

As a Certified Nutritionist, Natural Raw Foods Chef, and graduate of T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies I truly believe those who consume whey protein supplements may not feel the effects today given the complications with liver and kidney function, but they may fall victim to serious health issues later in life, and not even know it was connected to their whey-consuming, gym-going days.

Garden of Life Raw Fit protein powder USDA Organic and NON-GMO Verified. NO ADDED SUGAR. Contains 28g USDA Certified organic raw plant-based, vegan protein.  Low Glycemic Index. Contains Raw Organic Ashwagandha which will help fight against stress. Raw Chromium which supports carb and fat metabolism. Raw Svetol 400mg which is a clinically researched green coffee bean extract which supports lean body mass while maximizing fat storage. 

Avoid artificial Flavors: Malitol appears in processed foods as “sugar-free” “low carbs” also in many nutrition bars, and even candy.  NOTE: Malitol is in fact a CARB. However, our bodies do not absorb the calories from Malitol -but do note that since maltitol is a carb and it provides calories it will in fact raise your blood glucose!

Malodextrine is a polysaccharide which is used as a food additive (a filler or thickener). It is in processed rice, corn, and potato starch, canned goods, salad dressings, puddings. desserts to name a few. NOTE: It is a by product of WHEAT & BARLEY. People on a gluten-free diet should be avoiding this ingredient. It is in fact made from real food (we can not call this a chemical) but again it is a processed food and not the healthiest choices. Limit your intake of this ingredient. 

AVOIDING GLUTEN & FOOD ALLERGENS-Food manufacturers MUST identify only the top 8 food allergens in a product. The top 8 food allergens are eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat. If you have severe allergies and do not see an allergy label do not assume that the facility is allergen free. Contact companies directly checking for allergens that may present in the factory. Examples “lecithin (soy), “flour” (wheat), “whey” (milk) or “Contains Milk, Soy, Wheat.”  TIP: Soy= GMO ….Milk= BVO growth hormones, and Wheat=GMO.

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