Awareness grows about organic eating to better our life reducing toxin exposure however; it has a way to go when it comes to cosmetics. Cosmetic and hygiene personal care products contain many chemicals that often include carcinogens which do not legally have to be listed on labels. It is truly a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Remember that pretty face on the package is often not aware fully of what they are endorsing. Choose products carefully, and that list organic ingredients. Ingredients that you can recognize, if not try making your own products at home. Keep in mind the night creams with a long list of chemicals which you lather on your face, truly are toxic reaping havoc in your body. Visit Skin Deep website to check out all your products against the toxin level list. Here are just a few that I ditched in my home.


Made with petrolatum jelly is also used in gasoline. Gasoline is made from a crude oil substance. Other names are mineral oil jelly, vaseline, paraffinum liquidum all of which stop the body’s natural process of toxin elimination. It strips the skin of its natural oils leading to dryness, premature aging, skin disorders, and even acne.   

WEN (Chaz Dean) Conditioner: 

Contains PEG-60 and hydrogenated castor oil.

Talc Powder: 

Causes cancer to the ovaries. Talc is similar to asbestos used in fertilizers, antacids, soap, baby powder, and makeup. Check out the ovarian cancer lawsuit filed in South Dakota alleging that Johnson’s & Johnson’s talcum powder was the cause. The client won!


A poisonous denaturant and solvent which modifies the structure of other chemicals MAKING IT UNFIT TO DIGEST. 26.9% is ethanol which is found in fragrances, mouthwash, body rubs, hair color rinses, hand lotions/antibacterial gel, and after-shave lotion. Ethanol is known to cause birth defects, nausea, depression, vomiting, and headaches. It dries out your hair causing cracks in your skins surface which actually promotes bacterial growth. 

Found on page #27, Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle

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