A Cultural Obsession with Size … and Perfect Selfies!

Does size really matter? The social messages that we take in each day from

TV, Internet, Magazines and the public in general tells us that the ideal

woman is a size 0, skinny this, skinny that. When in reality all

throughout the world we cheer to good health. The ideal

woman or man is a healthy person, free from disease.

Keep in mind that healthy is not a size, it is lifestyle. As a

holistic nutritionist this is what I teach. I give my clients ways

to learn to love, and respect themselves while being healthy at

the same time. Even when I was in the best shape of my life,

jogging a mile a day, it was never good enough for me as I still felt fatigue

throughout the day.

Several months during a bad break-up I dropped down to a

size 2, weighing only 105 pounds 5feet – 4inches tall. I still

recall what I lived on and how I am so blessed today learning

proper nutrition. I was eating three meals daily but they were

not nutritious. Microwave meals, and KETO CHEESE ALL DAY, I was

starving myself from nutrients. Back then all of my logic and intelligence

had trouble combatting what I believed to be perfect, day after day.

Today, I eat to be healthy and to combat disease not to be LABELLED skinny,

thin, or the perfect size through someone else’s

eyes. The idea of squeezing into a size 2 will likely

never ever happen again. I am happy about that, as it is more

important for me to live disease free and in optimum health.

Once I was able to accept my flaws it was easy to realize that.

Think of your childhood and how did your parents

eat? Most likely, you are raising your children on the same

foods today. If you answered yes, it is time to pull the curtain

open and realize what is blocking you. Be the positive change

in your family to set the example that diet is not a size it is a

lifestyle. Most healthy diets limit unhealthy fats and will

include vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains. Our 30-day

plan is eating plant-based foods following the typical

Mediterranean diet. Research shows less cases of Alzheimer’s

and Parkinson’s disease when sticking to the Mediterranean

eating plan. Many of my clients eliminate one unhealthy item

from their diet within the first week. It is key to incorporate

one – two good choices per week, in order to reach your 30-

day goal of a lifestyle change.

Not a Size, and never a D-I-E-T, it’s a Lifestyle, is your opportunity to discuss relevant and life-changing topics directly with Wendy Cottiers and her team. Think of this as your chance to get into Wendy’s head about fitness, self-care, and well-being. Join Wendy and a supportive, encouraging group of like-minded people looking to live their best lives.

Each month, Wendy and her team will host a live Zoom video/phone call, with a new topic to be discussed. The calls will last approximately one hour. Take this opportunity to get Wendy’s take on each topic, and to share yours with the whole group! There will be lots of information, lots of sharing, and lots of fun. CONNECT with us!

Each call costs $25 to join. Details will be emailed to you after checkout.

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