Mercury Toxicity

Not only is fluoride found in our cities drinking water but also in our homes copper pipes. Copper leaches into our drinking water. Same with metal fillings that leach into our bloodstream. This may potentially cause a list of degenerative diseases. When mercury is in your mouth, every time you chew particles are released into your body. !

Heavy metal toxicity has been shown through hair mineral analysis testing. If you have amalgam silver fillings consider removing opting for porcelain fillings. Most insurances will pay partial for this, as it can lead to a serious health condition. You want to make sure you do not swallow any metal because the ADA has stated that removal of amalgam is toxic before placement and after removal. Removal has benefited several of my clients suffering from MS, ADD, Autism, as well as brain fog post radiation treatments. !

In addition to removal try coriander as it is a natural flush for metal toxicity when juiced for 10-14 days straight. Kelp is a powerful ingredient to add to your juice as it protects against toxins, and contains a chemical known to protect the body from radiation exposure and heavy metal toxicity. !

Make sure you inquire with your Dentist about the procedure for proper removal. Back in 2006, I had several childhood fillings removed and replaced with porcelain because I had elevated levels of heavy metal toxicity. PMS symptoms are now a thing of the past. I recommend Dr. Wolfe Schwartz in Boca Raton, and or TLC Dental located in Ft. Lauderdale.

For more information on Hair Mineral Analysis Testing contact Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wendy, Owner of Positive Nutrition of So. Florida at (954) 873-7388 for your Free Hair Testing Kit. Mailed to the lab hair tests cost $125.00, but mention this ad for 50% off today.

Wendy Cottiers is the author of: “Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle: Living GMO-Free in the 21st Century” $19.95 selling on Amazon Kindle/Paperback, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble !

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