Diabetes “The Hidden Epidemic” Workshop

When: Saturday, January 4 Time: 12-2pm RSVP Seats are Limited!

(954) 873-7388 EMAIL: wendycottiers@att.net

In our upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Group Workshop we will go over some symptoms of Diabetes and the connection between “Diet and Diabetes” and why Positive Nutrition has followed Dr. Whitaker’s approach.

We are no longer living in a world of 1-brand of milk, 1-brand bread, together we will discuss the healing effects of normal blood sugar. Sugar and many starchy carbohydrates cause glucose to rise very quickly, providing a rapid burst of energy, and then an even quicker crash bringing you right down again! Learn why excess sugar found in today’s SAD diet sends sugar on a roller coaster!!! We will share with you what we have learned from our clients.

Separating fact from fiction we will be answering the following:
* Does Vitamin D3 prevent Type 1 Diabetes?
* What is the HCLRHF Diet and does the combination improve all aspects of diabetic control?
* Top 10 Herbs for Diabetes?
* Why it is imperative that you take a deeper look into your eating habits?
* Carbs and the Insulin Connection?
* How does Fiber (legumes) have value in the bloodstream of a diabetic?

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