Linda: How can we navigate the grocery store on a budget? We shop at Walmart and also online. We want to start eating healthier this month.

Wendy: Love this question! Hi Linda, Well I always have a list when going to the grocery store, that helps me stay focused and also within my budget. Eat prior, bring a calculator, and if possible shop alone.

Try to avoid purchasing items on an empty stomach. In my experience children look by opening their eyes (while parents open that wallet) at popular cartoon characters on food packaging ~remember great marketing doesn’t necessarily equal proper nutrition. Kids are typically shopping with their eyes , especially if they are hungry. The most expensive things are meats and animal products, which you can reduce in your diet. Vegetables are usually quite cheap, too, so there’s no excuse!

Read labels. Avoid ingredients that you can not pronounce. If it contains more than 15-20 ingredients it can not be as healthy as they claim it to be. Even if the front cover shows “natural” or “sugar free” anything with Cellulose (found in cheese, vitamins, etc., acts as a binder and filler), Carrageenan, BHT, BHA, Titanium Dioxide, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Artificial colors (FD&C colors) try to avoid.

Photo sugar free brownies Tip: Organic Cacao Powder is sugar free and packed with antioxidants. We use it often in smoothies and baked goods.

When shopping keep in mind a can of Cola contains 66 grams of SUGAR = 16 1/2 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR. The average healthy adult should consume 25 grams sugar max. I continue to meet with families and they are unknowingly on average at 70 grams sugar all day long. We work with them to concentrate on lowering that number. Stop counting calories, and start counting sugar grams is my best advice for the summer. Message Positive Nutrition for our complimentary 257 alias names of sugar list.

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