Virtual Nutrition & Wellness Counseling


One-on-one Nutrition Counseling Services can be done in person and virtually! 

Phone/Skype/TeleConference sessions are available for those who wish to utilize my services but do not live in the area. These services are also perfect for clients who are not physically able to make it in to the office for a face-to-face visit, due to inclement weather, travel plans or vacations, going away to college or making a move. 

Virtual Counselor provides parents, and children access to nutrition plan status,  Event/Workshop course registration, and other pertinent information. Our growing network of families will need Internet access and will be asked to sign up for an account the first time they view nutrition information.

Flexible. Save Time. Affordable.
Meet from anywhere! Enjoy this very flexible platform of virtual nutrition counseling. You can opt for phone appointments or use our mobile app to have a virtual face-to-face appointment.

How it Works
This program is geared to meet the needs of families looking on health and fitness application such as Runtastic, FitBit, RunKeeper, Moves, Road Bike, Nike Running and others apps on a brand new black Apple iPhone 5S the busy lifestyle of most Americans. It allows flexibility with scheduling, such as on your break or lunch, or even after dinner or on the weekends. Clients enjoy saving tons of time driving to the nutritionist’s office.

Since virtual nutrition counseling allows the holistic nutritionist practitioner flexibility with their time and resources, that cost savings can be passed down to the client. We have a variety of packages to meet just about anyone’s budget.

What to expect
We are available for appointments to discuss your nutrition-related health needs, as well as your physical activity goals. We can provide the following at your appointments:

Nutrition Counseling (individual, family, group)
Nutrient Analysis & Macronutrient breakdown
Assessment and evaluation of body
Personalized nutrient plan
Fitness goals
Grocery store tours
Nutrition related labs
Goal setting and evaluation

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat- Set up your FREE 15-Minute Consultation here! 

Next Step … Enrollment Closes May 31, 2019 *Program starts June 3rd, 2019*

Join the Cottier’s Positive Nutrition Community
Learn more about our services that can help you meet your health needs. Set up your FREE 15 minute consultation by simply filling out one form and we will then contact you shortly after.

READY TO REQUEST THE FORM  Email – to request the form

Getting Prepared for your Appointment
Fill out the form that we emailed
Current labs (can be faxed to 954-564-7907)
List of medications and supplements can be uploaded.

What to expect
The 1st visit is approximately a 1 hour session. This visit is structured and designed in order to get to know each other and start your healthy journey.

The follow-up appointment(s) are available to answer any questions that may have come up. By meeting throughout the program, we will continue to explore and review your previous health goals. These appointments will also be used to set your new weekly health goals. These sessions range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the service.

Email – to request the form and we will reach out shortly to talk more about the 12-week program.

Health is our Greatest Wealth!

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