Positive Nutrition offers 30-60-90 Day Personal One on One,  Family, and Group Coaching. Wendy is the Founder of Positive Nutrition. She is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef, Plant Based Nutrition Educator, sits on the Advisory Board for the Children’s Hypoglycemic Foundation, Author of Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle, The Bare Truth GMO-Free Diet, and Positive Nut.

Wendy lives in South Florida and specializes in Endocrine Disorders. There are many different types of endocrine disorders. Diabetes is the most common endocrine disorder diagnosed in the U.S.  Her clients seek her services for Weight Loss, Body Detox, Chronic Fatigue, and Hormone Imbalance. Our unique packages range from a 4 week Nutrition Tune-Up to 24 weeks of support, accountability, and individualized plans. We work closely with endocrinologists and we recognize the importance in long-term weight management. Our 6-month lifestyle changer program has helped many people reach their personal fitness and weight-loss goal.

Take advantage of September’s Special $500 enrollment fee, and receive a $50 early bird discount when you register by September 10, 2018. Refer a friend and receive 50% off your registration. We even include a payment plan, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your goals don’t come to fruition. That’s how confident we are that our lifestyle program works!

12 Sessions (60 minutes), $2,500 Long-Term Weight Management Lifestyle Changer, 6-Months in person and telephone counseling   


We will create a personal vision and six-month priority goals to commit to achieving. 2 Sessions, Comprehensive Health Assessment, Vitamin Review, Grocery Store Tour, Calorie and nutrient goals developed just for you along with an analysis of your current eating patterns. Pre-Health Snap Shot, Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle 50+ recipes and medicinal tips Autographed book, Positive Nutrition Journal, $500 enrollment fee


2 Sessions, Kitchen Cupboard Detox, Food Prep, 7-day Sample Meal Plan with Tips & Grocery Shopping List, Certified Personal Trainer (1-hour), $500 payment 1 of 4


2 Sessions, Certified Natural Food Chef/Plant-Based Nutrition Educator Wendy’s resources and tools can help you prepare and eat delicious REAL foods — Fresh, organic, local, and maximally raw! Whether your meal preference is carnivore, celiac, vegetarian, vegan, kosher she includes a Private Cooking Class (2-hour), Health Snap Shot, $500 payment 2 of  4


2 Sessions, Hair Mineral Analysis, Restaurant-Review of Healthy Menu Choices, Certified Personal Trainer (1-hour), $500 payment 3 of 4


2 Sessions, Food Prep, $500 payment 4 of 4


2 Sessions, Meal planning strategies, Personalized Meal Plan tailored to
you and your specific needs, Certified Personal Trainer (1-hour), -Health Snap Chat

TIP: Invest In A Cooler Or Insulated Meal Bag. The look of a fridge after it has been stocked with your meals for the week is incredibly rewarding. Towers of Tupperware, or glass perfectly aligned with the perfect blend of macros, it’s a sight to see!

Follow-up for 1-year, we don’t drop you and move on to the next client, we are here for you, and in it with you! For an additional six months, you’ll receive:

*Complimentary Ticket to any Event or Group Workshop

*Monthly eNewsletter, & Unlimited Text/FaceTime

*Weekly Online Food Log Review

*15% Discount to Annual Retreat

*Invite Friends (4 tickets) to any Positive Nutrition Event or Workshop

You can expect to meet bi-weekly in the first 90-days to set the foundation of change, then move to monthly sessions as you become more confident. Through coaching and goal setting you’ll begin to master the change to become your Best Self. What you’ll get, is a wealth of knowledge to promote a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition.

Register today at wendy@positivenutritioninc.net or (754) 800-7876 and mention this early bird offer. We will email you client registration forms, along with the complete 6-month calendar. Serving Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach since 2009.

Could one conversation change your life? Contact Positive Nutrition today to get started right away! We will send you a consultation form and will also schedule your free 10-min. phone consultation. During your first session you will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how Wendy can help you, and or a family member reach personal health and wellness goals.

Sessions and Services  à la carte ($USD):

Initial Consultation (2-hours) $265
Follow-up Consultation (1-hour) $110
Follow-up Consultation (30-minutes) $75
12 Sessions – 6 months $2,500

30 Minute Sessions (Skype/Facetime) $35
Hair Analysis Mineral Test $125
Private Cooking Class (2-hour) $150
Raw Vegan Chef Course Level 1 (Alissa Cohen Certified) $125
Raw Vegan Chef Course Level 2 (Alissa Cohen Certified) $650
Grocery Store Tours $30

We accept Paypal, credit cards, and or check. Please make check payable to SO FL Positive Nutrition Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance, should you be seeking Dietician nutrition services contact your medical insurance provider for a list of Registered Dietician’s in your area.


Health is our Greatest Wealth!

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