Not for aesthetic reasons, but to confirm that it was benign I seeked medical care for a small lump under the skin. Dr. Gerard Grau, MD, FACS removed this skin growth to confirm it was a benign skin tissue on my thigh. Most of the skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation which damages the DNA in skin cells. Symptoms include appearance of pink shiny, red bumps, reddish itchy patch on skin, wart like growth, actinic keratoses. Treatment includes surgical and non-surgical remedies. My stitches were removed and scar tissue was not improving after 6 weeks of continued leg numbness I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Lisa Lambert, MD Holy Cross Group. I thought the vein was causing this pain, and then later it was professionally confirmed that it was a nerve issue as my outer thigh continuously pinched whether at the gym, in bed, sitting, or even standing. I self-diagnosed myself with “Meralgia paraesthetica”.

My family Physician advised it was not DVT, she diagnosed it as inflammation, sending me home with two Rx’s. Those that follow me understand that I do not EVER take Tylenol, Nyquil, etc. She convinced me to take an OTC Ibuprofen for 30 days, which I was hesitant about as it has a stomach bleeding warning on the label. She prescribed Omeprazole to decrease the amount of acid produced in the stomach. I couldn’t imagine taking this for a month. The next day I made an appt. with Dr. Shi. After only 3 visits consisting of acupuncture, cupping, moxa and Infra-Red Heat Therapy I can say that my 24/7 throbbing pins and needles has commenced. I continue to cup my legs daily. As always seek medical advice.

Dr. Shi’s Acupuncture Center is located in Tamarac, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale.Dr. Yuexian Shi is National Board Certified in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental   Medicine   (NCCAOM)  and  licensed  to  practice acupuncture in Florida.  Prior to his professional  training in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Shi earned his MD degree (China) at   the   Beijing  Medical  University, one  of  the  top  medical schools in China.
(954) 745-8060 3308 NE 34th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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