CLEAN THE BEACH & FITNESS CLASS + COOKING WITH WENDY Saturday 6/9th, 9:45am – 3:30pm

1-Hour Class with Wendy Cottiers, Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Foods Chef, and Author. Come cook a healthy vegan meal with Raw Foods Chef Wendy. Learn the medicinal tips on why to select certain spices, and foods. She will give a 60 minute lecture, including Q&A on her book “Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle; Living GMO-Free in the 21st Century” discussing healthier choices for you and your family to implement.

You are unique, one size does not fit all. Our holistic itinerary is jam packed with exciting lectures on what people struggle with. No more counting calories! Ditch the word D-I-E-T once and for all. We want to invite you in to gain more wealth that is possible. Where would you like to be with your personal health goals?

“ Burning fat is to the body what clearing trash is to the planet, both result in better health and better looks! A healthy body needs a healthy environment to live in.“

Saturday 6/9th, 9:45am – 3:30pm
10:00AM Clean the Beach & FITNESS CLASS with Certified Personal Trainer jenna

12:00PM Cooking Demo & Tasting with Wendy
2:30pm-3:15 Book Signing Event (30min. + 15min. Q&A)

Admission is $45
Lunch for mini chef’s participants is included. Pre-booking is required. We ask that you remain with your children at all times. Bring beach towel and water bottle.

See you all soon!!!


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