Positive Nutrition’s Meal Delivery


Busy Life? Love Great Food? Try Positive Nutrition’s Meal Delivery Today.

“Great for people on the go. Definitely recommend it to anyone who does not have
the time to cook but that is still seeking healthy meal options.” – Susan

My service is designed with you, my client, foremost in mind. Everything I do is aimed at providing you with the best possible culinary experience, tailored to your most specific wishes.


Today’s busy work schedules and active families place a premium on your free time. Why spend it planning meals, shopping, and cooking? Let me take the hassle out of meal times so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

Stop wasting food and ingredients that you won’t ever use. Comfort Organic Meal Menu, which has delicious nutritious meals. We also have meals available in Low-Glycemic, Low-Sodium, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and European Favorites. Some customers may choose our standard, no red meat, vegetarian, vegan, and pureed meals. Try our portion control Organic meals and you will taste the difference. Stress free, all week long!

Get Started $30 Off your first order
Want to know more about our meal delivery program email or call today.

Fresh Seasonal ORGANIC Ingredients delivered to your door
Free from Refined Sugars/GMO’s
Easy Step-by-step prep instructions
Every package is customized to fit your specific needs and budget! Clients choose from our meal kits.

Wendy believes that even in our unnatural modern-day habitat filled with commutes, computers and ubiquitous processed food, it is possible to seek and find natural nourishment. You can find updates on Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram. She continues to support clients to tackle health and weight loss goals separating fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition helping people move
from a lifestyle that increases risk of illness to a lifestyle of wellness.

Private & Group Cooking Classes Available FL & NY – Florida Certified Food Safety Handler

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