Here are three homemade super easy recipes to get you started today.

KETCHUP: Super simple just use chopped tomatoes, lemon juice and blend or put into a food processor.
You can also add tamarind paste and a pinch of sea salt.
MAYO: You can use cashews soaked overnight. Next puree with lemon juice, onion & or garlic powder, sea salt/pepper, you can add nectar (agave) and place all ingredients in blender or food processor slowly adding in extra-virgin olive oil.

MUSTARD: You can make your own sweet & spicy mustard the list is endless and believe me your family will have no clue. & it is natural and costs less. Be sure to buy GMO free-Organic. Make sure you place the homemade ketchup back into the Heinz Bottle, this trick works like a charm.
Recipe is simple, soak brown mustard seed (1/4 cup) for 24 hours in organic lemon juice (5 tablespoons) or you can use Brags Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (3/4 cup). After this soaks mix it with Raw Agave, Turmeric. The turmeric will keep it a vibrant yellow – orange color similar to store-bought mustard.

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