A hair analysis test kit is a great tool to use to indicate your overall vitamin & mineral needs. Easy and non invasive test with fast results.

Hair analysis is the process of testing strands of hair for mineral deficiencies or excesses and also for the presence of heavy metals and toxic minerals in the body. Your hair contains all of the minerals that are present in your body, including toxic heavy metals as well as nutritional minerals. Hair mineral analysis is a laboratory test that measures mineral content in the hair.

You will also learn your own metabolic type – fast metabolizer or slow metabolizer. In addition to a list of recommended supplementation, you learn which foods you should emphasize and those that you will want to avoid that will further assist you to balance your minerals.

Minerals play many roles in the human body from activating genes and hormones to regulating fluid balance. To date, I have taken many hair mineral tests. As mentioned earlier, through this reliable test I learned that I have Hypothyroidism, slow metabolizer.

Physicians often use blood tests to measure only the mineral levels in the body. Unfortunately, this is not always a reliable diagnostic measure because the human body is designed to keep blood mineral levels within a tight range even during the times of developing an illness.

An alternative is to measure the minerals directly in the body’s tissues or cells. The CELLS, not the blood and not the urine. The cells are the main site of your metabolism. Mineral levels will always be higher in the cells than in the blood, making measurement easier.

For example, toxic minerals concentrate in the tissues but are quickly removed from the blood which makes hair testing an excellent biopsy material. Hair tissue is dead but the minerals are still locked inside showing a clear record of the hair metabolism. Therefore, mineral imbalances will show up sooner in the hair than in the blood only because the blood is maintained at the expense of the tissues. Meaning, that minerals are drawn out of the tissues to maintain the blood levels. For this reason, serum mineral levels will often appear normal even if you are ill.

Your illness will not be recognized by blood work. Dr. Paul Heck, a pioneer in hair mineral testing stated “… that by using hair analysis one will be provided with information about energy level, carb tolerance, emotional balance, immune system, and glandular activity taking the guesswork out of recommending diets and nutritional supplements.”

Note, you should not be taking a vitamin just because a friend told you they are taking it and they feel great. Do not guess as it is confusing.

You should be aware of your blood type as well as any deficiency you may have. In 12 months our body’s go through a lot of changes, similar to seasons. One month you may need to supplement with extra Echinacea where perhaps the next month you do not.

You must start to look at each food group thinking what natural vitamin am I getting out of this? As there is a connection between diet and a lack of certain food groups in our diet.

Hair testing is also used to monitor metabolic changes as a result of any form of therapy. The reading from a hair strand captures 2-3 months worth of minerals deposited in the cells and intestinal spaces of the hair.

These screening tests are often undervalued in health care. Here are a few tips before you go:

• Daily swimming in pools can raise the sodium and copper levels.
• Bleaching and permanents can affect hair readings.
• Head & Shoulders Shampoo can elevate the zinc levels.
Heavy sweating immediately prior to cutting the hair sample will most likely raise
the sodium and potassium readings.
• Selsun Blue Shampoo can elevate the selenium levels.
• Both Youth Hair Dye and Grecian Formula dye contain LEAD. This will elevate the lead level in your reading and should be avoided all together.

Contact us today (954) 263-3259 for a free kit and to Learn about detox and cleansing. Do you know why many Americans suffer from Obesity, Cancers, Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Chronic Arthritis and Osteoporosis in epidemic numbers? It is the FOOD. The Standard American Diet equals disease as it has a complete lack of nutrition. Too many toxins in and not enough toxins out.

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