Photo: Taken this morning, no make up and no Photoshop here, just a bloated pizza belly.  Reason, well excuses-excuses ….last night after giving into a food craving, eating 2-slices of some great NY tasting pizza.

I say them, we all say them, and we certainly know people that say them. We seldom make time for food prepping, to keeping that New Years Goal of entering a marathon. The daily drama of work, babysitters, bills, injuries, moving, business trips, etc. this is called LIFE! I know first hand that when we are off routine our muscle starts to sag. We lose so much muscle as we age. Muscle training keeps our body tone. Consistency is key to successful weight loss.

The benefits of building and preserving muscle are just about endless, and they include a better body composition and immune-system function, and a faster metabolism. A quick weight loss product may promote shedding a certain amount of pounds even within the first week, and this is called tricky marketing. Some people come to the realization that when they incorporated real food back into their diet, they just gained it all back again.  Therefore, the need for “Yo-Yo Dieting” begins all over again either with a new coach or perhaps even a new product. We overlook the real reason why we gained weight in the first place.

I have friends that work for weight loss centers, or that sell MLM products that are very successful. I have been approached to join, but that is not the business that I am in, to sell products. Some things that work for my clients may not work for theirs, and we will never knock that. Anyone with diabetes, or borderline glucose a1c3 levels should be consulting with their Endocrinologist prior to starting any weight loss program.

At Positive Nutrition, we see a lot of clients coming to us for help after they invested money in shakes, bars, vitamins and supplements that just did not work. They are upset that they did not see immediate results as promised. This is when they become our client, and we train and educate them on eating real food. We also offer monthly Raw Food Chef Certification courses. What works for one, may not work for the other. Healthy is a true lifestyle change, and baby-steps are key to success. We never sell or promote any products that are not labeled Organic, and Certified GMO-Free.

I wrote the book on “Living GMO-Free in the 21st Century”  and my clients are educated on avoiding harmful ingredients. We are about a lifestyle change, not a quick-fix. This is not about knocking one company vs another either, as I believe some organic weight loss products on the market may help jump start weight loss. But true weight loss begins at the root of why we are overeating to begin with. Many people can not do it on their own, they need a plan of attack.

Some products state effective weight loss that promotes losing large amounts of weight within 9 days using a cleansing product claiming to rid your body of toxins that are stored in fat cells. Not all experts believe in the hype of meal replacement. It is nothing more than an expensive diuretic. Anyone exercising, cutting out Starbuck’s (sugar/refined carbs) and drinking meal replacement shakes all day while only consuming one low-calorie meal a day will in fact shed weight. Sure, this is a no-brainer. Sticking to eating healthy in the future when one removes these weight loss products is the problem that I see with people belonging to these MLM groups. In my opinion, and from my case studies I see that proper nutrition starts at home, not with exaggerated calorie restrictions and meal replacements.

FACEBOOK POSTS…We continue to see moderately ripped women with captions “this is our leader guro cult goddess person“….. Amazing transformations we can all agree to that, but….. nope- that is from lifting weight and watching what you eat. Many clients have told me that when they were on these products they spent a lot of money, and can’t seem to keep the weight off when they start eating real foods again. Eat real food, exercise and if you missed your daily goals, just remember not to be so hard on yourself as tomorrow is a new day. Weight loss is about 80 percent of your diet and 20 percent about exercise. Please keep in mind that “1 to 1 1/2 pounds” a week is safe for weight loss, no more.

“FITNESS 5-KEY STEPS…When exercise is neglected your body will become weak. Keep moving to ensure optimum performance of all your organs helping them to function properly. 5-key steps: Motivation, Maintenance, Realistic Goals/Timelines, Success, with Positive Reinforced Visualization. Reflect daily on these essential key points. Choose sports that motivate you-make it a priority not the last thing on your daily to-do-list. Keeping track of your goals, fitness levels, and any additional habits that will help you to reach your main goal.”… Page 53  Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle Living GMO-Free book.

Please note: Wendy is not a Licensed Nutritionist, RD, or CRD. Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coaches help you make your own healthy decisions, we do not treat, diagnose, or advise. As always consult with your Physician.

FB page not meant to treat, diagnose, or advise. Shared suggestions & tips are to help make healthy decisions on healthier lifestyle choices.

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