Personal Chef Service

cooking class

Busy Life?  Love Great Food?  Hire me.

Today’s busy work schedules and active families place a premium on your free time.  Why spend it planning meals, shopping, and cooking? Let me take the hassle out of meal times so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

How My Service Works

My service is designed with you, my client, foremost in mind.  Everything I do is aimed at providing you with the best possible culinary experience, tailored to your most specific wishes.

Step 1 – Getting to Know You

We start with a personal consultation to discuss the details of the service.  In the comfort of your home or other agreeable place, we will discuss how my service works, your food preferences, health needs, and any constraints I should know about such as food allergies.

I will answer any questions you have and provide details about the service and the menu.

During the initial consultation, we will agree on the service plan and date for your first service.

Step 2 – Cooking and Delivery 
The day prior to your weekly delivery, I prepare your meals according to your preferences and desires.  I chill your meals to temperatures that are optimum for maintaining their freshness for the week ahead and then package them in high quality glass or BPA- free plastic containers.

On the weekly delivery date and time we agree upon, I come to your home and store your meals in your refrigerator.

If you are at home when I make your delivery, I will usually ask for your feedback on the previous week’s menu and service so I can constantly refine and improve your service. I am open for feedback via e-mail as well.

Before I leave, I will pick up the containers from your previous week’s service and any requests you have for the upcoming week. I will also leave an attractive menu which includes instructions for heating your meals when you are ready to eat.

What could be more convenient?

Step 3 – The Fun Part: Eating!
When you are ready for some great meals, they are ready and waiting  for you in your own refrigerator.  Simply heat and eat. Buon Appetito!

I bill hourly at $125 for grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Additional costs are based on the cost of the groceries. One of the truly special things about having a personal raw foods chef is working together to create a truly personalized service. Contact me to start creating your own personal plan. I specialize in counseling children and teenagers with endocrinology disorders. My goal is to keep them off metformin. I am skilled in vegan, raw foods, vegetarian, pescetarianism, macrobiotic diets, and many Italian dishes simply made healthier for you and your family to enjoy.

Holistic Nutrition Services

Each session is different, depending upon your needs a typical visit may include one or two of the following services:

  • Holistic Nutritional Counseling & Meal Plans
  • Homeopathy & Herbal Remedies
  • Steps for Everyday Juicing
  • Kitchen Preparation & Grocery Shopping Tours
  • Weight Loss & Detox Programs
  • Group, Corporate Workshops & Community Events

Additional à la carte services include: Private Cooking Lesson (2-hour) $175.00. Raw Foods Chef Course; Alissa Cohen Certification $125.00 (min. group of 4 ). Holistic Nutrition Counseling 60 minutes *$125.00 discounts offered when purchasing 10 hourly sessions. SILVER INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE 30-day $875.00, GOLD INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE 60-day $1,750.00. PLATINUM FAMILY PACKAGE 90-day $2,575.00.  Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing $75.00. DISCOUNT *10 sessions = $1,000.00 discounted price when purchasing 10 sessions.

Storage Container Options
Quality food storage containers are essential to protecting the freshness and quality of your meals. The high-quality Pyrex glass containers and plastic Sterilite ultra seal containers I use; depending on your personal preference, are perfect for keeping your meals fresh.  They look nice, stack well in your refrigerator, and offer you a wide range of options for heating your meals.  The plastic lids on the glass containers are BPA-free for your protection. The Sterilite ultra seal containers are BPA-free as well. $100 (one-time charge) 

With my holistic nutrition background and personal experience cooking for people with specific nutritional requirements, I can offer my clients help in creating healthy diets that not only work well for them, but taste fantastic as well.

Contact me and let’s talk about your specific wants and needs this summer. I look forward to the challenge of helping you fuel a healthier lifestyle through PROPER nutrition.

Wendy L. Cottiers, Holistic Nutritionist/Raw Foods Chef/Author (954) 263-3259



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