Happy Anniversary Positive Nutrition of South Florida…

We have received many great testimonials throughout the years, and we strive to continue to keep our clients excited about healthy eating to maintain a healthy weight. We will raffle off one FITBIT (retail value $100) for the adult, child or teenager that reaches their goal within 90 days to stay off metformin.

The contest will require your weekly journal entry to be faxed to Positive Nutrition. Contest ending 9/7/2016. For those interested in registering please send email to info@positivenutritioninc.net Second runner-up will receive $75 American Express Gift Card. Third $25 Gift Card to Whole Foods.

In celebration of today’s anniversary we came up with a new logo in honor of heart healthy living. We have many summer cooking and holistic workshop events scheduled. Food Prep by Ivonne Rocher Marquez We will be announcing the event two weeks before it starts, including information on promotions, specials and discounts that will be available to you.

Holistically Yours,

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