I must regrettably notify you that the Manifest the Life of Your Dreams- Heart Healthy Antigua Retreat that our company organized is cancelled. As disappointing as it is safety comes first, along with a non-toxic environment. Unfortunately, St. John’s, Antigua — Antigua and Barbuda has recorded its first case of the Zika virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that birth defect Microcephaly and the paralyzing Guillain-Barre syndrome are caused by the mosquito-borne virus. On May 3, 2016 the CDC reported the Zica Virus case in Antigua a 12 year old girl. We have contacted our speakers and attendees to postpone the event.

We want to give you two options with your payments.
*Transfer what you’ve paid to next year’s Ft. Lauderdale retreat
* Be reimbursed what you’ve paid

We apologize for any inconvenience however, and hope that you will see our decision positively and support it.

Even though we have cancelled the event, we intend to host a get-together at the end of May to celebrate the accomplishments of our speakers. Your invitation will be dispatched a week before the event and we hope to see you there.


Our next “Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle” cooking class/juice demo is scheduled for Saturday, June 4th.

Your host,
Wendy L. Cottiers
President, Heart Healthy Retreat


Today is the LAST DAY to register for my  4/3 night Retreat in Antigua.
May 20,  2016 – May 23, 2016

Registration closes today at 7pm EST…… You must register online today before 7pm in order to attend our group event at St. James’s Resort & Villas.

Details and registration are at:

This retreat is all about making the commitment to take FABULOUS care of yourself. Learning to Manifest the life of Your Dreams, Pamper Yourself and Acknowledge Your Awesomeness!

– Pamper Yourself
– Learn How To Manage Stress Better!
– Get Focused
– RELEASE Stress! A short travel always helps!

Here are just some of the Cutting-Edge Life Transformational Seminars, Meditations & Workshops On The Planet that we’ll be having at the retreat:
– The Paradigm Shift
– The InnerSpirit Connection
– Life Balance From The Inside Out!
– How To Create A Life You LOVE!
– Live Sound & Vibrational Healing Meditations EVERYDAY!
– Energetic Wealth – Activate Your ABUNDANCE DNA

Plus presentations from guest speakers:

– Day #2 Learn How To Create A Life You LOVE from Author & Adventurer Heidi Siefkas. Learn how she changed her perspective to have a Hybrid Career today! Take Time For Yourself by living in the Moment, Slow Down here’s to LOOKING UP!

– Day #3  Get Fired Up To Accomplish Your Goals with Author Meg Nocero (functional motivation focused on long term strategy, not just a “rah rah” cheerleading session that is unfocused and ends when the event is over) Why Women Need Goddess Energy In Their Lives!

– Day #4 Get Away From It All with Host, Author, Holistic Nutritionist, Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, and Raw Foods Chef Wendy Cottiers. Learn how to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels by repairing metabolism. You will learn how to get started and keep it interesting for you and your family.

Missed this one, we are now accepting deposits for May 2017 retreat in Ft. Lauderdale!

Registration is now open for our 2017 at:

See you in Antigua!


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