Morning Kale Shiitake “no-oil” Scramble

turmeric scramble

Simmer onions with filtered water. NO OIL!!! Add turmeric (fresh or powder) shiitake mushrooms, then cherry tomato. Now it is time to add the tofu. Today, I used swiss chard (full of Vitamin A & C), in place of kale. Add the green at the end to maintain the nutrients.  Mix and serve. Top off with ground flaxseeds, and Braggs Nutritional Yeast for some Vitamin B12.  The turmeric will give the tofu that bright yellow egg appearance.

Side mixed greens salad with orange navel slices. Lemon or lime juice in place of oil.

Thanks Chef Nina from “Bean Scene” for that tasty citrus, ginger, turmeric SHOT!  Before today’s book signing I needed all the energy  I could get. I already have several orders for you.

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