Are you in need of a Condo or House Sitter?


Are you in need of having your home or condo looked after?
A little side gig I have been doing…
Wendy (954) 263-3259
Wendy Cottiers, Holistic Nutritionist/Raw Foods Chef/Author


Wendy’s Home Watch is a trusted service of checking on your home and property while you are away. Our goal is to offer you, the homeowner, security and peace of mind while you are out of town. Whether you’re away for the season or on vacation, the professionalism and reliability of my Services will provide you with reassurance that someone is looking after your home. We have reliable Plumbers, & A/C companies on call that we can count on. No need to ever worry again!

A/C Check & Filter Change
Check Refrigerator & Freezer
Flush Toilets
Run Water through all Faucets & Sinks
EMF/Radiation Protection/Recycle

I wrote the book on Living-GMO Free in the 21st Century, which also pertains to eco-friendly living. As a condo dweller I have taken care of my own investment properties for over 10 years, as well as my neighbors units. Have helped numerous clients with Cancer and autoimmune diseases to live a toxin free life, by educating them with radiation free EMF plugs and Y-Shied Paint for their home environment.

I am experienced in watching homes, since I started back in 2006 when I bought my 1st condo. *Addl. concierge services include FLL/PBI/Executive Airport Pick Up/Drop Off, to Grocery shopping prior to your return. Handyman Services, Window Cleaning, House Cleaning, House Sitting, are also available. Wendy’s Area: Galt Ocean Mile, Hillsboro Mile, Boca Raton

My co-worker, Kirsty Karina, has been a home sitter for over 12-years she oversees Delray Beach to as for North as Palm Beach. For these areas please contact Kirsty (954) 655-4870



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