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All too often parents are inquiring what are healthy snack choices for kids backpacks. I have hypoglycemia and you won’t catch me out and about without my little purse filled with goodies. Organic baby carrots with celery sure it is healthy, but gets B-O-R-I-N-G. Kids need a variety, switch it up weekly to keep their interest.

Tip: Nuts can be stored in the refrigerator. They are best soaked overnight. Try making Cashew Cheese for the kids sandwiches in place of mayo.

Of all the possible snacks in the world, the combination of fruit and nuts (preferably unsalted) or seeds pack a punch. Both nuts and fruits contain healthy oils, fiber, protein, and a lot of nutrients. Also you may want to try green sliced apples with hummus. Walnuts are high in arginine, packed with omega 3, and selenium. Mix in a ziploc bag or small container with raisins and pistachios. Keep in mind that cranberries have a ton of added sugar or fruit juice concentrate, another fancy name for sugar.

Page #169 Recipe from Healthy is not a Size, it is Lifestyle


1 liter (4 cups) of coconut water 
20 cacao beans (preferably peeled)

10 raw cashews (preferably soaked for 4-6 hours)

3 teaspoons of maca root powder or carob powder

3-5 tablespoons of *honey or agave cactus nectar

2 tablespoons of hempseed oil or hemp seeds

2 tablespoons of coconut oil/butter 
2-3 pinches of sea salt (or Himalayan pink rock salt)

2-3 sprinkles of cinnamon

Blend all of the above ingredients. Maca root powder is a powdered root from Peru that is an amazing high-protein superfood aphrodisiac, strengthener, and fertility enhancer. Also known to strengthen your immune system.

*DIABETICS Caution: Honey is not Vegan. Agave is not found in nature pure, it is processed into a sweet syrup containing 90% fructose. Fructose corn syrup contains only 55% fructose. Try blended dry figs or other fruit for natural sweeteners.

Contact Positive Nutrition today for a list of all 257 alias names of sugar that you will want to avoid.

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