Dear Wendy,

My three children are starting to ask if we are going to our church’s upcoming Easter egg hunt. We would love for them to participate in this fun filled activity without compromising the vegan morals that we have proudly educated them all on. Any suggestions?

Patricia, WPB, FL


Dear Patricia,

Ask the organizer if you can incorporate your own dyed round or oval shaped veggies such as light colored beets or even turnips. If you would like to use natural color try the water from boiled red beets, this color works every time. I even use it on my lips! Check out the local fabric store for wooden eggs. Several families that I counsel make it a yearly tradition to color small potatoes and make vegan easter bunny cookies. It is the quality time spent with the little one’s that will be remembered a lifetime, not that they didn’t hunt for a chicken “egg”.

Holistically Yours,



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