As a Holistic Nutritionist I take the environment in my home seriously. Did you know that most indoor air pollution comes from sources found inside your building, or home. Yes, this means investing in a dehumidifier if you live near the water, cleaning your home with the cheapest vodka you can find, switching out A/C filters to just name a few on my monthly to-do list. Having very little if any dust mites in my home is also important.

Ambience is another factor, and it shows with my endless splurges on soy candles. Now as a head strong Taurus I can admit that at first sight one would say I am patient and warm hearted. Let me just say, nothing beats the true test as undergoing a home renovation as a single gal. Sweet I am yes, but why do men feel the need to still take advantage of a woman in the 21st century. Just one comment, NO one left my condo calling me sweet! I had a great time picking out each light fixture to educating myself on copper pipes vs PVC pipes. I fell in love with the view at Hillsboro Mile the moment my realtor David showed it to me. However, I never expected to discover mold in my unit.

north view lh

Persistent and determined to complete this renovation as quickly as possible, I hired a mold remediation company. I only use environmental friendly cleaning products, of course I did not love the idea of how they cleaned it with harsh chemicals. Water quality is just as important as the environment that we reside in. Learning that petroleum solvents in floor cleaners damage mucous membranes I switched to environmental friendly cleaning products years ago.

Mercury is not only found in swordfish, tuna, or dental amalgams but also in chlorine bleaches, contact solutions, wood pulp aka/cellulose, tattoos, fabric softener, paints, floor waxes, nail polish, laxatives, cosmetics, etc. (i.e.: Use olive oil for furniture polish, corn meal for carpet spills, lemon juice acts as a perfect non-toxic bleach grease cutter and even stain remover).

The thought of mold was rather frustrating, at times I wanted to move in and just live with it. Water was also leaking from the impact windows in the bedroom. Taurus needs order in their lives and when they do not have order, they get very anxious. At times, I couldn’t see the light and my stubborn ways would get in the way. I would think keep it together kid, this is a small project, one of many to come.

Adding detective to my resume, I discovered that the Smart Meter Room located next to my unit had a wet floor. I pondered the question of how can this be possible when no window is located in that room. The stagnant black mold on the floor was caused from the last torrential downpour. I quickly learned that when the water hits the building exterior side ways it leaks through the cement cinder blocks into the meter room. This looks like a job for Spider-Man!    TO BE CONT’D


Bandana day I painted only one bedroom wall with the Black YShield Paint. I wrote about YShiled paint in my book “Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle” as many of my clients have now used in their condos/homes. Professional painters then came in and painted a second coat, the floors and ceiling with black paint. Next, the Electrician came in to ground the room. I refused smart meter do not want the pulse running through the home. For anyone who does not want to be exposed to the radiation emitted from your utility smart meter ask FPL to switch back to an Analog meter. If interested the paint is about $315 5 liter bucket you will not be able to find at Sherwin Williams, this if from the UK can find it online at Amazon. And a tip “do not shake this paint” here is a video for those interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C9TMK6OAOw


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