Just like in the movies, Spider-Man saves the day. After sealing the exterior cracks that were causing the leaks into my unit, and the smart meter room we never saw any water again. Many of my clients have cancer, and had no idea that EMF can be detrimental on their health. I not only coach my clients on proper nutrition but I also educate them on healthy living GMO Free in the 21st century. Many have never heard of Black Y-Shiled paint, as it is more popular in Europe. It is worth the investment on your health! Due to the paints holohedral carbon structure, without fibers or meshes, it offers consistent attenuation regardless of the direction of signal polarization, and a highly conductive surface.

Keep in mind, carbon is a good RF absorber. About 10% of Y-Shield shielding effectiveness is due to absorption. This helps reduce reflections and minimizes the risk from RF sources trapped inside the shielded area. Your apartment building may have a cell phone antenna on the roof creating EMF and radiofrequency exposure, aka/ dirty electricity.

Is your bedroom wall in your home located next to a smart meter? Do you have wi-fi (of course, who doesn’t). Do you or a family member have problems sleeping at night? Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Cancer?

smart meters

A five liter bucket costs about $329.00. It was enough to paint the wall where the smart meter is, plus give me an extra coat for the floor. Once the popcorn was removed from the ceilings in that room, the painter then used organic paint on the walls which is odorless and 100% VOC free. Today, I am proud to say that I enjoyed my 6-month title as Eco-Friendly Home Design Project Manager.

I look forward to continuing to assist my clients with not only nutrition coaching but also with positive living for healthy minds. If you or a loved one are in need of learning more about the Stetzerizer Electromagnetic Household Wiring with Y-Shield Paint, please do not hesitate to contact the offices of Positive Nutrition (954) 306-3887. We also specialize in eco-friendly real estate.  Health is our Greatest Wealth!


~The EPA reported to Congress that in the U.S. our indoor air contains the nation’s worst pollution. It is seen as one of the 5 most urgent problems in the United States today.
~Cancer has increased 49.3% between 1950 and 1991 in the United States.
~Childhood cancers are 1/3 higher now since 1950.
~Occupations with higher cancer rates: painters, farmers, firefighters, printers, radiation workers, dentists, chemical engineers SOURCE: Sandra Steingraber “LIVING DOWNSTREAM”

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