The truth about estrogen and soy!

Soy can act like estrogen. Monsanto published a report that Roundup Ready SOYBEANS contain 29% less of the brain nutrient choline, 27% more trypsin inhibitor, the potential allergen that interferes with protein digestion, than organic (non-gmo) soybeans. GMO Soybeans have lower phytoestrogens. According to the Linus Pauling Institute only 1/3 of people with Western ancestry metabolize isoflavones into a form with high estrogenic activity. Doctors recommend that women who take hormonal therapy or who have estrogen receptor positive breast cancer avoid soy products, and soy has also been know to affect thyroid hormones. TRY: Switch to cashew or almond milk if you now use soy milk in your coffee, look for “Carrageenan” (red seaweed) Free. Carrageenan is used as a thickening gel as they bind to protein, known to raise cancer risk.

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