Dear Wendy,

Thanks for sending me the Hair mineral test kit. In the meantime any suggestions for my daughter’s acne?

Thanks, Erick

Dear Erick,

I suggest changing her pillow cases daily. Also, using fragrance free laundry detergent for the pillow cases.

Check with the Dentist to rule out any gum problems?

Acne may be worsened with poor diet, and also when under stress.

Drinking aloe vera juice may help. Supplementing and or eating foods with Magnesium and Vitamin A are beneficial for acne. Also, vitamin B foods are important as it may be a sign of very low hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Reddish spots on nose and cheeks could be from B deficiency. Chronic whiteheads may suggest vitamin B1 deficiency or mineral absorption problems. The Hair Mineral Analysis Test will rule this out, as it tests 32 different elements.

Chicken skin, commonly known as raised spots on the outside of the arms (and or thighs) may be a sign of a magnesium, vitamin A, and or essential fatty acids deficiency. Avoiding foods which inhibit absorption of these nutrients …which would be trans fatty acids: hydrogenated oils, margarine, palm kernel oil, cottonseed oil. Check ALL ingredients. Intake of excess sugar promotes acne.

Review her makeup/skincare products with Skin deep cosmetic database
to review the skin products.

Holistically Yours,

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