Method of Prioritization (ABC’s)

Method of Prioritization (ABC’s)
By Wendy Cottiers-Pacella, HHP

Methods of prioritization will work when applied correctly. Select your most valuable task and work on that task until it is 100% completed. Next, work on the second most valuable task. The way that you determine your highest priority at any moment is to think about the potential consequences of doing or not doing a particular task.

A task that is important is something that can have major consequences if it is done or not done. Many of us find ourselves rummaging through those miscellaneous piles of paperwork stacked around our desk. You know who you are!

The best thing to do would be to tackle that pile all in one day. Check it off your list, and SMILE that you have accomplished the task and your office is now organized.
With the ABCDE method you make a list of everything that you have to do before you begin. You then go through the list carefully and put one of these letters next to each item on the list. Never do a B item when there is an A item left undone. You should never do a C item when there is a B item:

A – Acknowledgment that this task has deadlines.
B – Never as important as an A item.
C – That Continuous project. A hobby or that autobiography you have been meaning to finish.
D – Delegate what you can pass off. This frees up enough time for your A activities.
E – Eliminate items that are low value tasks that you could erase and it would make no difference at all. This will now allow you to accomplish those tasks that have the greatest possible consequences for you.

Once you have applied this formula to your to-do list, go back over the list and organize. For example, put an A1 next to your most important task, an A2 next to your second most important task. Then begin immediately on your A1 task and discipline yourself to stay at it until it is finished. My high valued task was dedicating more hours to my first book. It was one of the hardest things I had to do, because it felt as if I wasn’t getting anything done. The funny thing was that I achieved more in my life as a result of focusing on that one task than anything else I have ever done.

Photo on 12-7-13 at 4.36 PM #5Maybe writing a book, designing a webpage, weight loss, or even that vacation to Hawaii is something you have been putting at the bottom of your list why not put those back on the top of your list. Lastly, always keep in mind that clutter truly represents decisions not made. I urge you to start using this formula every day for at least one month and let the results speak for themselves!

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