What color is your Sclera?

(Published in Positive Nutrition July 2014 eNewsletter)

Question: My brother-in-law (41) just moved in with our family temporarily. He is saving to open his own business. We are happy because our children love Uncle Adam. He is a picky eater and lives on BBQ chicken and hot dogs. I am a Vegetarian eating mostly raw foods and my husband and children are on the gluten-free diet. Can you suggest a happy medium? Thanks, Libi, from Santa Cruz, California

Dear Mrs. Libi,

Have you ever taken a deep look into Adam’s eyes? Here is a great sneaky plan for you and it has to do with the color of the sclera of his eyes. Take a photo of those yellow eyes. I can almost guarantee that he has red small blood vessels that may even appear to be inflamed. This is the first thing that I look at when meeting with my clients. The yellow appearance in the sclera (white of the eye) indicates poor nutrition. By bumping up the intake of raw organic foods you will notice in just a weeks time the sclera will become very white. Try it out – in fact bet him $5 bucks.

There’s a long list of reasons on why one should choose to eat a raw GMO-Free foods diet. You will become younger by rejuvenating your cells while protecting your body against harmful free radicals. You will have radiant skin, a clearer sclera, some may even say you are glowing. A yellow sclera with red blood vessels indicates a poor diet. Inflammation in your body will decrease. You will feel at your best daily preventing less colds throughout the year. You will be more centered as you are now living more in tune with your own spirit, because by eating raw foods you are going to have:

Better assimilation from nutrients from eating greens.

The natural water from fruits and vegetables will keep your body hydrated.

The vitamins and minerals will prevent you from malnutrition keeping you naturally at your healthiest weight.

Your supply of enzymes will be under control.

Raw foods are packed with fiber and antioxidants, while being low in sodium and saturated fat. This keeps your gut and arteries clean, and reduces your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Cabbage is a potent medicinal food that plenty of research shows helps prevent cancer, in large part due to its high concentration of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and glucosinolates. It is rich in vitamin K1 and B vitamins. It has also been shown to help heal stomach ulcers and offers digestion benefits. Cabbage should be cooked only lightly, eaten raw or fermented to obtain the most nutrients. This does not mean go on a cabbage diet.

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