My wife is having Hot Flashes?


Question: Dear Wendy,  My wife is complaining of hot flashes. She just started taking Siberian ginseng. Any diet suggestions? Submitted By: Michael Simms, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

A diet including 50% raw foods is key. She should try to avoid dairy and meat products as they both promote hot flashes. For hot flashes associated with menopause try to eat soybean products. Eating foods high in phytoestrogens is also beneficial. I have an Asian client Mai Kai and she never complained of hot flashes or other symptoms during menopause because her diet included ground flaxseeds, soybeans, fennel, celery, alfalfa, and nuts.

I suggest a phytoestrogen green drink daily of apples, parsley, celery and flaxseeds to help alleviate the uncomfortable hot flashes. Siberian ginseng helps with the production of estrogen and even depression.

CAUTION: Siberian ginseng herb should be avoided if you have hypoglycemia, heart disorder, or high blood pressure.

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