By Wendy Cottiers

Juniper, Rosemary, Cypress, Cinnamon Leaf oil all help to reduce fluid retention. Interested in tightening this area try Grapefruit or Lemon. Fennel and Geranium help clear toxins form the body that can contribute to cellulite. Skin brushing works well as it helps to remove trapped toxins. Stimulate lymphatic flow by giving yourself a dry brush skin massage weekly.
Ireland is big on seaweed bathhouses in fact it is nothing new, it dates back to Edwardian times. Try making it at home by filling up your bath with hot water and seaweed. Use a mesh bag otherwise you will clog your drain. Followed by a cold shower. Purchase seaweed that has been steamed to ensure all the potential benefits from minerals and trace elements.

In Europe and North America, many claims have been made for the effectiveness of seaweeds on human health. Some say it is effective in treating influenza, parasites, tuberculosis, and arthritis. Compounds found in Undaria are used to treat herpes. Seaweed extract from New Zealand is purchased by U.S. companies to sell to the American consumer. Undaria extract has been used to treat HIV and breast cancer. Undaria is a Japanese seaweed that infested Tasmanian waters around twenty years ago.

Undaria extract has been used to treat HIV and breast cancer. Undaria is a Japanese seaweed that infested Tasmanian waters around twenty years ago.

Try drinking Rooibos Tea and supplementing with Horse Chestnut to help with minimizing the appearance of varicose veins and broken capillaries. After my first Sclerotherapy treatment I noticed a huge difference. This is a medical procedure to eliminate the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins. Many say it is not only hereditary but also caused from pregnancy, or standing on the feet. It was nearly pain free and involved an injection of a salty solution inserted into my veins.

The Physician explained that the vessel turns into scar tissues and that eventually it will fade away from the surface. Advising that some people need four treatments. That same week I started applying Myrrh Oil to my legs, which is an antioxidant effective against sunburn. Cupping and seaweed baths are both effective in treating cellulite. After only two treatments my legs are no longer full of blue colored veins. I am also happy to report that the throbbing in my left leg where there was a swollen and raised vein is gone. Yes, superficial but not as bad as Botex. I am a firm believer that if it makes you feel better about yourself and you are not harming your body with nasty toxins – why not do it.

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